Our History

 Our Goal
At DTGI Group our Goal is to invest in a variety of businesses to grow their potential.  

Our Commitment 
With our established business knowledge we are committed to assisting our subsidiary  companies maximize their revenue streams.  

Our Belief
We believe that every small business deserves a Long term vehicle to success. 

Our Focus
We focus on each of the individual needs of our subsidiaries to ensure all goals are achieved. 

Our Leadership 

SirDarious Parker
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

SirDarious Parker found an interest in business in his youth. As he continued into secondary school, he discovered a passion for economics. It was when he started his first job as a teen that he knew that there needed to be a change in the business system. Throughout the years of being employed by other companies, he took his knowledge of wealth with him  and founded DTGI Group, llc in 2014. Since then, he has assisted several small business owners in elevating their business'. 

Sean M. Gaines
Co-Chief Executive Officer

Sean M. Gaines a native to New Orleans and one of our transportation specialists. His trucking carrier started in 2011, he brings the experience and knowledge that it takes to exceed what DTGI Group brings to the table. He is dedicated to making a difference in peoples lives.  

"We At DTGI Group are striving to get companies to feel comfortable with our standards, work ethics and satisfying their thirst for better service. This is my goal and mission as CO CEO of DTGI Group. " 
- Sean M. Gaines

Jessica Parker
Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Parker is a business professional in Missouri. Having studied business management at a small tech college in Central Florida, she found an interest in economics and finance. She pursued various other business ventures which has grew her knowledge of business operations over the years. She has a passion for helping individuals, families, and businesses alike.

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